Message for Parents

  1. Encourage your children to take active part in the various activities of the school.
  2. Co-operate with the school by seeing that your children are regular, punctual and that they prepare their daily lessons. They must e encouraged to take interest in studies and make the desired progress and not be excused on the slightest pretext.
  3. Test/ Examination papers and Progress Report Cards are sent home for signature. Parents must carefully look into these documents and do the needful in the matter.
  4. Parents are asked to keep an eye on attendance, leave anti absence record, uniform record and late attendance record and sign the remarks/ observations made by the Teacher/ Principal in the calendar.
  5. Parents must acknowledge the receipt of Circulars/Memos on the page provided in the calendar. These must be read carefully and replies must be duly filled in, signed and promptly sent back to the Class teacher /Principal by the due date mentioned.
  6. Encourage your children to be neat, clean and self – reliant in work. Their help should be enlisted in keeping the home tidy and attending to their own kit. This inculcates in them the idea of the dignity of work.
  7. Avoid criticizing the school or the teachers in front of your children, for it causes them to loose respect for their superiors. Should you have a legitimate complaint or if you feel that your child is not making satisfactory progress, you may meet the principal on any school day between 10.30 a.m. and 12.00 noon or between 1.30 p.m. with prior appointment.
  8. Parents and guardians are not allowed to enter the classrooms and meet the children or talk to the teachers when they are engaged with their classes. The teachers will not entertain anybody during class hours without the written permission from school office. An appointment should be arranged through the school office or in writing to meet the teacher concerned, during her free period.
  9. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers before the school assembly in the morning or after school hours.
  10. On prior appointment, parents can meet and seek the help of the School Counselor with regard to their child’s growth and study.
  11. To ensure that kidnappers, petty thieves etc. do not enter the school premises, parents must not linger or remain in the school campus after leaving their child in the school.
  12. The school is not responsible for the child after school hours.
  13. Parents are not allowed to bring in and park their vehicles inside the school premises.
  14. Any damage done in our about the school premises must be made good by the parents/ guardian of the student responsible for the same.
  15. Private tuitions are strongly discourage, but should the need arise, arrangements will be make by the Principal with a teacher other than the class teacher.
  16. Parents and guardians may not interfere in the Management’s right to admit or refuse a pupil. (Rule 56-Grant-in-aid code for schools).

Parents and guardians must sign a statement that they abide by these rules which must be carefully read and understood by them and submit the same declaration in duplicate to the school office.



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