1. Four tests and a term examination is held during the year and reports are issued within a fortnight. The average of all these is counted for promotion.
  2. A student, who takes or gives dishonest help at an examination will be debarred from the rest of the examination and will get zero, a student may be dismissed in a serious case of cheating or if caught cheating more than once.
  3. A student has to pay all his fees before the examination. A student who is absent for sick, will be promoted or detained according to the year’s progress. There will be no examination at a later date a student should have 83%of attendance.
  4. No student may repeat the same standard twice. If a student fails after repeating the standard, he will have to leave the school. Even a student who repeats for the first time may have to leave, if there is no vacancy in the standard in which he would remain.
  5. Promotion refused will not be reconsidered: only in very exceptional cases will applications for the verification of marks be accepted by the principal.


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